Identifying Compulsive Gambling

Identifying Compulsive Gambling


Gambling is a habit which does not cause any physical damage but can get mentally addictive real quick. It is due to the fact that it is just another form of mental exercise which your brain adapts but also involves your hard-earned money. In psychological aspects, it is regarded as more of a compulsion than an addiction. It is an impulse-control disorder which causes one to keep thinking it as a hobby.

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There are many factors which compel a person to gamble. It can be a desire to test out their luck and experience the thrill of it, the pressure of being a failing professional gambler, or just mere desperation for money. However, once gambling gets into one’s mind, it becomes difficult to change their minds. They do not realise that their small wins cannot cover up their big losses until they become entirely financially broke.

Some signs of a gambling problem

It can be hard to determine whether one seriously has a problem as it does not affect a person physically. Neither does their brain suffer any negative effects for not gambling. They just feel the urge to gamble like how kids feel when they wait for their favourite TV show. But in some ways, we can detect gambling compulsion.

When people feel the need to hide their gambling habit.

When people have trouble controlling their gambling habit.

When people face low financial times due to their gambling habit.

When friends and family members talk about one’s gambling habit.

The very sign of gambling addiction is when you feel that you are close to hitting the jackpot and keep trying chance after chance without having control of your money.

Emotional symptoms

When gambling starts destroying your life, and you are too late to recognize it, it causes multiple emotional problems, including anxiety and depression. The fear of getting confronted for gambling addiction can keep people in fear. Losing everything in gambling can even push a person to the extremes of suicidal thoughts. Losing money day after day breaks down the hope inside you as quick as the adrenaline you get when you win.

Physical symptoms

There are no direct physical symptoms of gambling, but the disturbance in the emotional stability of your brain can cause side effects such as sleep deprivation, lost appetite, weight loss, and dark circles. A strong mind is necessary to cope up with the effects of gambling, and the professional players have a strong mindset to handle their gambling hobby. While you control your gambling habit, do not let gamble take control over you.

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