Early training can make sure that with the right training your child can overcome these difficulties.
Raise Awareness
We want to raise awareness among the family to help treat your children’s right with learning difficulties.
Social Life
With the right help your child can establish the right kind of social life which can allow his to grow.
Professional Carrer
We can make sue that with the right professional by your side your child can have a bright future.

Who We Are?

We are a group of professional psychologist who want to make sure that children with learning difficulties do not feel left out.

  • What skills are needed to support DYS children and adults?
  • Where are we with teacher training on these disorders?
  • Should the training of health professionals be improved?

 What Skills are Needed to Support DYS Children & Adults??

There are many skills that the parent might require to make sure that the child has the right kind of growth.

Join Now

Why Us?

  • • Support for families: the first signs of accepting disability
    • Communication with others despite a language disorder

  • • A liberal profession / school partnership around a child enrolled in ordinary class
    • The medico-social sector in 2007: from establishment to support.

  • • Help with orientation and professional training
    • Help with integration into the company

Join Hands With DYS Team


There are many ways that their help has helped my child have a very normal childhood.

Margaret J. Alicea

They are some of the most patient doctors I have come across who made sure that they have the right kind of help from them.

Clara O. Barrett

They try to teach the parent to be accepting rather than forcing the child to do better.

Terrance L. Gothard

What’s Happening

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Identifying Compulsive Gambling


Gambling is a habit which does not cause any physical damage but can get mentally addictive real quick. It is due to the fact that it is just another form of mental exercise which your brain adapts but also involves your hard-earned money. In psychological aspects, it is regarded as more of a compulsion than an addiction. It is an impulse-control disorder which causes one to keep thinking it as a hobby.

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There are many factors which compel a person to gamble. It can be a desire to test out their luck and experience the thrill of it, the pressure of being a failing professional gambler, or just mere desperation for money. However, once gambling gets into one’s mind, it becomes difficult to change their minds. They do not realise that their small wins cannot cover up their big losses until they become entirely financially broke.

Some signs of a gambling problem

It can be hard to determine whether one seriously has a problem as it does not affect a person physically. Neither does their brain suffer any negative effects for not gambling. They just feel the urge to gamble like how kids feel when they wait for their favourite TV show. But in some ways, we can detect gambling compulsion.

When people feel the need to hide their gambling habit.

When people have trouble controlling their gambling habit.

When people face low financial times due to their gambling habit.

When friends and family members talk about one’s gambling habit.

The very sign of gambling addiction is when you feel that you are close to hitting the jackpot and keep trying chance after chance without having control of your money.

Emotional symptoms

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Physical symptoms

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Interesting facts about Casinos


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Birth of Casino

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Who can play casino games?

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Know which slots not to play

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Many Things That You Did Not Know About Casinos 


Whether you have just enjoyed a great trip to a casino and you have just played on some slot machines you have also probably won some money, and you are really happy about it; what you did not know is that there are so many things that a casino would do and so many things that we do not know about casinos and how they work. In this guide, I will be talking about some of these things. Here are some of those things.

  • Casinos actually originated from Italy. There are some really amazing casinos all over Italy. Well, after knowing this, I am sure that you are wondering how come so many amazing things originate from Italy. I mean, they gave us pizza and pasta, and it is a magnificent place as well. We know now that organized gambling can actually be dated back to Venice in the year 1638. While so many other countries may have probably taken the baton with a lot of enthusiasm, we certainly owe a great debt to the early Italians for giving us casinos.

  • British casinos boomed in London. This is not exactly too surprising, but it did play a great role when it came to the evolution of London. Having taken over the mantle from Bath as the United Kingdom’s epicenter for gaming, it began to emerge from a very wide range of sources.
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Things to Know About Dyspraxia in Adults

Dyspraxia in Adults

Even if you have an idea what dyspraxia is, you may not have the right information as many assume it to be entirely a mental condition. Almost 50% of the people who suffer from dyslexia have also shown symptoms of dyspraxia. Before anyone makes a conclusion about this problem, they should get proper education on the issue so that they can help themselves as well as others who might have this condition.

Dyspraxia is a motor learning disability which impacts your gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and organizing capability. Some of the cases have also reported the problems with processing speed, attention, and memory loss. Each dyspraxia patient is different from the other in their needs. They need help, and only a good amount of education can fulfil that need. Here is what you should know about dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia affects coordination

People who suffer from dyspraxia have a major problem in coordinating their hand and leg movements with their brain. While normal people do not give it much thought while working or walking, a dyspraxia patient can have a hard time managing what their body is doing. This can result in walking awkwardly, clumsy movements, and difficulty in operating things as simple as opening a jar or pouring drinks.

There are physical and emotional factors

Dyspraxia can cause stress and frustration in people very easily as they struggle to keep their work in place. When the patients face trouble in dressing, cleaning, cooking, or driving every day, they lose their patience and start developing mental problems such as anxiety, stress, lower self-esteem and depression. They can even face problems in sports and even while talking to others which make them feel embarrassed among others and eventually start feeling comfortable in isolation.


It can impact learning abilities

Although dyspraxia has nothing to do with intelligence, it can still affect one’s learning skills due to several reasons. The learning difficulties differ from person to person with the condition. In some cases, it is the difficulty of writing while in other cases, it is a problem with reading. It can cause trouble in staying organized and taking notes. Due to the vision problems, the patients can have a hard time reading the sentences, which makes it difficult to memorise them.

Noise can cause stress

People who suffer from dyspraxia also have trouble in catching the words in a conversation is there are too many noises in the environment. They find it hard to relax in a situation where there are too many things happening around them, and they cannot focus on one thing at a time. So if you know someone with this condition, give them time or talk to them in a quiet place.

What You Need to Know About ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia

Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia

There are several terms used to define dyslexia in adults, and many misconceptions have also developed among the society about its effects. There are two major misconceptions about dyslexia among people which are 1) the inability to read and 2) poor motor coordination, which is both not true. According to the doctors, the adults suffering from dyslexia have improved their motor skills over time and are pretty competent in reading skills as well. The real difficulties faced by people are in structuring the information, time-keeping, and socializing.

Many of the patients suffering from dyslexia are super intelligent and wise. The real problem is that differentiating them from the normal group adds more stress to their brains which makes them more depressed and underconfident. The patients suffering from ADHD or dyslexia have been noted to have low self-esteem, the feeling of embarrassment, inability to focus, memory lapses, going blank during a conversation, and difficulty in relating to others. This is a problem only if they were identified as dyslexic for their abilities. It does not make much of a difference until someone points it out to them. If they take time to study, take it as a normal thing which will help them feel less stressed for their condition.

The problem with visuals

There are two visual problems that people suffering from dyslexia can face. These problems cannot be determined by routine eye tests. One problem is visual stress, which causes difficulty in reading words due to seeing the visuals shifting and the second problem is the binocular problems. It causes the patients loss of sight resulting in skipping the lines and misreading words. So the difficulty in reading is generally a vision defect and should not be taken as a health issue. If someone experiences such problems, they should be referred to the optometrist who diagnoses vision and learning problems.

How to help?

The schools require a specialist who can talk to the patients. A patient tutor who can manage the classes for the students separately. The tutor should be able to help the students in telling them how they can cope up with their condition instead of stressing over it and lose focus from other things in life. The students can be asked to be artistic, writing essays, reading books, and making notes for what they hear. All of these exercises will keep their minds busy and more relaxed. For adults, the strategies would change a little bit. If a person with dyslexia has a job, they should be given ideas and strategies to become more efficient in what they do and overcome their hurdles. Their problems at work should be taken under notice and solutions should be provided as soon as possible. These exercises will make them more confident and feel less inferior to others.