It is a specific, lasting learning disability in written language, the origin of which is neurobiological.
The main manifestation of the disorder, the heart of the problem, is a deficit in phonological awareness manifested by difficulty in manipulating the sounds that make up words. Dyslexia is characterized by difficulties in reading correctly and fluently, in decoding a text and in spelling. It can be the source of poor reading comprehension (with repercussions on the acquisition of vocabulary and academic knowledge).

The severity, intensity and expression of the disorder vary among individuals whose intelligence is preserved.

Dyslexia is accompanied by difficulties
– short and long term memorization,
– auditory and visual discrimination,
– analysis and sequential memory (go in order),
– acquisition of written language automatisms ,
– orientation in time and space,
– attention.

The dyslexic is apparently slow and tiring given the efforts he develops to compensate for his difficulties.