The FLA mobilizes to communicate, inform, raise awareness

The FLA, founded in 1998, brings together nearly 40 associations specializing in the field of specific language disorders and learning, in particular dyslexia, dysphasia, dyspraxia.

The law of 11 February 2005 gave new impetus to the FLA by recognizing cognitive disorders. It entered the Committee of Understanding of associations representing disabled people and parents of disabled children in 2005, then was appointed by the Minister Delegate for Persons with Disabilities to sit on the CNCPH (National Consultative Council for Persons with Disabilities).

The active participation of the FLA in these bodies as well as its participation in numerous working groups, in particular in the CNSA (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy) or in the Permanent Group of the association Droit au Savoir, gives it a new Its responsibilities have increased: the FLA must step up its communication action with parents, disabled people and professionals with great rigor.

In 2006, the FLA therefore decided to launch three major projects:
• the constitution of a scientific committee
• the creation and edition of an information brochure intended for MDPH
• the organization of a “national day of DYS ”In partnership with APAJH on 10 10 2007.

The FLA scientific committee

The FLA has set up a scientific committee which brings together experts in language disorders and learning in the fields of medicine, education and research. The scientific committee has set itself up as first task of helping the FLA to redefine the disorders which constitute its field of intervention, but also to contribute by its expertise to the reflection carried out within the federation for the evaluation of the needs of the population and
that of the means of l and support.

Composition of the scientific committee:
-President: Roland CECCHI TENERINI -Inspector general of social affairs.
-Valérie BARRAY -Ergotherapist (child rehabilitation service R.Poincaré-Garches hospital)
-Catherine BILLARD -Neuropediatrician – hospital service of the Kremlin Bicêtre
teaching hospital -Pierre André DUPIRE -Director of the Medico-pedagogical Institute “DYSPHASIA” Paris
-Michel FAYOL -Prof. Of universities, Researcher (Psycho-social and cognitive, Clermont-Ferrand)
-Michel HABIB -Neurologist (CHU La Timone in Marseille (13), associate researcher at CNRS.
-Michèle MAZEAU -Reducation doctor L ‘ ADAPT Paris
-Franck RAMUS -Doctor in cognitive sciences at EHESS and researcher at CNRS.
-Monique TOUZIN -Sophophonist CHU Kremlin Bicêtre
-Yamina YESSAD-BLOT -Inspector of National Education Department of Essonne
-Michel ZORMAN -Physician of public health.Advisor to the Rector of Grenoble